Safeguarding is rapidly becoming a key commitment and accountability function in many organizations and institutions in Kenya, mirroring the global trend seeking to ensure that organizations uphold the duty of care and do no harm principle as they conduct their operations and initiatives for the benefit of vulnerable and marginalized societies. The need to embed good practice in the larger protection system established by the National Government is the premise in which CSAK was founded.

Brief History

As a glimpse of the larger history, need for a high impact voice called for an alliance constituting Tunza Child Safeguarding and Bridge International Academies partnership to bring together like-minded organizations with a view to forming an alliance that would speak in one voice regarding matters of child safeguarding. The Journey started back in the 2021. The foundational principles listed below has seen CSAK engage with great players as can be found on the founders page. They include, but not limited to Ujamaa Africa, Medecin San Frontiers (MSF), Bridge International Academies, Wangu Kanja Foundation, Plan International. The founders came together with very clear objectives of safeguarding children in Kenya with respect to the varied environments and challenges alike. These are the founding organizations for the existence of the association CSAK.


  • To create a platform for organizations to engage in a national conversation on Safeguarding
  • To create awareness and advocate for safeguarding excellence for children and youth
  • To build the capacity of members on best practices and emerging issues on implementing safeguarding
  • To advocate for the establishment and strengthening of the legal and policy frameworks on safeguarding at the County and National levels
  • To ensure organizations are safe and adhere to safeguarding standards in the prevention and response of abuse

Our Mission

To create a healthy partnership that promotes a stringent safeguarding environment for children within organizations and in communities

Our Vision

Safe and healthy communities free from child abuse

Core competencies


Core values