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The Child Safeguarding Association of Kenya (CSAK) welcomes individuals and organizations committed to fostering a safe environment for children in Kenya. Our membership offers a collaborative platform to share knowledge, resources, and expertise to achieve this critical goal. We encourage applications from a diverse range of stakeholders who share our vision and are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of child safeguarding. This document outlines the eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits associated with CSAK membership.

I. General Eligibility

  • Age Requirement : All members (individuals and organizations) must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Legal Compliance: Membership criteria and processes must adhere to all applicable Kenyan laws and regulations governing non-profit organizations and child protection.

II. Membership Categories

CSAK offers several membership categories tailored to accommodate various to cater for different stakeholders:

A. Individual Membership

  • Commitment to Child Safeguarding: Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to child safeguarding principles and a willingness to adhere to CSAK’s code of conduct and ethics.
  • Experience and Qualifications: Open to individuals with relevant experience or qualifications in child protection, social work, education, law enforcement, healthcare, psychology, or related fields. Preference may be given to those with demonstrable expertise (consider incorporating specific certifications or training requirements based on benchmarking).
  • Residency: Open to individuals residing in Kenya or with a significant interest in child safeguarding within the country.
  • Background Checks: Prospective members will undergo enhanced background checks (consider including reference checks if other organizations do).
  • Application Process:
    • Complete a membership application form online or through a downloadable format.Provide relevant personal and professional information.Sign a Code of Conduct.
    • An interview may be conducted to assess suitability and motivations (streamline the process if possible).
  • Membership Fees:
    • One-off KES 1,000 membership fee upon approval.
    • Annual subscription fee structure:
      • Regular Individual: KES 2,000
      • Student/Discounted (consider offering a discounted rate for students or those with limited resources): KES 1,000

B. Organizational Membership

Mission Alignment:

Organizations must demonstrate commitment  to CSAK’s mission and objectives , advocating for child safety, well-being, and rights in Kenya.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Legal Registration: Organization must be legally registered in Kenya or as  a recognized international entity.
    • Staff Screening: All staff working with children must undergo background checks.

Application Process:

  • Complete a membership application: Submit the application form online or download it, and ensure all relevant organizational information are provided.
    • Agree to the Code of Conduct:Sign  the  Code of Conduct, affirming adherence to CSAK’s ethical standards and principles
    • Interview Assessment:An interview may be conducted to assess suitability and motivations for membership.
  • Benefits:
    • Access to Training and Professional Development:  to a range of training programs and professional development  opportunities  We continually explore offering or partnering for continuing education opportunities  to enhance members’ skills and knowledge.Networking Events and Resources:  Participate in networking events and access resources focused on child safeguarding.  Connect with like-minded professionals and organizations to exchange insights and best practices in ensuring children’s safety and well-being.
    • Members-only Online Forum:Enjoy exclusive access to a members-only online forumThis platform serves as a valuable resource for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and collaborating with peers. We design this benefit based on benchmarking to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to our members’ needs.


  • Actively Participate in CSAK Initiatives: Members are encouraged to engage actively in CSAK initiatives to the extent of their capacity. This includes participating in events, projects, and advocacy efforts that align with CSAK’s mission and goals.
    • Adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards: Members must adhere strictly to CSAK’s established code of conduct and ethical standards. This commitment ensures the maintenance of integrity, professionalism, and respect within the association and its activities.
    • Contribute to Advancing CSAK’s Mission:  Members are expected to contribute actively to the advancement of CSAK’s mission. This may involve sharing expertise, resources, and insights, as well as actively supporting initiatives aimed at promoting child safety, well-being, and rights in Kenya.

Membership Fees:

Our membership fees are structured on a tiered basis, taking into account the size and resources of organizations. We continually benchmark our membership fee to ensure fairness and affordability while maintaining the sustainability of our programs and services.

  • National Organizations:
    • Membership Fee: KES 2,000
    • Annual Subscription: KES 10,000
    • International Organizations:
      • Membership Fee: KES 5,000
      • Annual Subscription: KES 10,000

Government Agency Membership:

Our Government Agency Membership option is open to government entities engaged in child protection or related fields. We tailor eligibility criteria and fees to accommodate the specific needs and resources of government agencies, ensuring their active participation and collaboration in our initiatives.

D. Faith-Based Institution Membership (Optional – Consider adding based on benchmarking):

  • Open to faith-based institutions committed to child safeguarding within their communities.
  • Eligibility criteria and fees may be tailored for faith-based institutions.

III. Continued Engagement

All members (individuals and organizations) are expected to:

  • Actively participate in CSAK events, projects, and initiatives (as capacity allows).
  • Contribute their time, skills, and resources to furthering CSAK’s mission.
  • Engage in ongoing education and training to stay updated on best practices in child safeguarding and relevant legal and policy developments (potentially offer or partner for continuing education opportunities).

IV. Review Process

  • Membership Status Review: Periodic  reviews will be conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with eligibility criteria and active participation,  in CSAK’s initiatives. This ensures the ongoing commitment of members to our mission and goals.
  • Code of Conduct Enforcement: Clear procedures for addressing violations of the code of conduct or other misconduct will be clearly outlined, including the possibility of membership suspension or termination , to uphold the integrity and standards of our association.

V. Documentation

All pertinent information regarding membership, including the criteria, application process, code of conduct, and other relevant details, will be documented comprehensively. This documentation will be made available in CSAK’s official bylaws or a readily accessible membership handbook for easy reference and transparency.

VI. Appeals Process

A clear appeals process for membership application denials will be established.

Code of Conduct

Prior to becoming a member of CSAK, all applicants are required to carefully read and sign the organization’s Code of Conduct. This document outlines the ethical standards and expectations that members must uphold to ensure the safety and well-being of children in Kenya.

Application Form

Potential members are required to fill out the application form accurately before sending it to the email address provided. You can download the application form Below.